Email Marketing Tip: Break up your list!

So far we’ve been seeing good traction with our email marketing program for Investment Advisors. Slowly but surely more Research Capital IAs are seeing the value in communicating with their clients via email on a regular basis. This is great to see.

The focus of my email today is to give you a tip on how to increase the returns you get from using email to communicate with your prospects and clients.

Today’s big tip is: Break up your list!

What do I mean when I say break up your list? Breaking up your list is what marketers refer to as segmenting. Segmenting your list is simply the act of dividing up your list into groups of people who share similar characteristics so you can communicate with these groups in a more relevant way.

Why bother? Well, for one, the more personal and relevant your emails are to your clients and prospects the stronger the relationship you are going to form with them. Another benefit is that when you send people messages that are highly targeted and relevant to them, they are more likely to respond and more likely to stick around and stay on your list.

The first two lists I suggest you create are:

1. clients
2. prospective clients

The thing I recommend you look at doing is breaking down your client list into 2-3 groups as follows:

1. Best clients
2. Good clients that you could do more business with
3. Inactive or former clients

These are just suggestions. You may decide to look at this another way and create a list of Retirees for example or clients who hold XYZ stock. These would also be meaningful segments to create.

So if you would like to build stronger relationships with your list and do more business as a result, break up your list!

If that makes sense and you want to learn more, get in touch and we can discuss how to go about putting this into action.

Until next time.