Marketing Stories of Interest for July

The following list of stories was taken from my July client newsletter. It’s a collection of marketing related stories from around the web that I found interesting and useful and sent out to clients. 

Financial Post Says Canadian Entrepreneurs Need to Adapt New Ways of Thinking

“Canadians have a real opportunity to become more sophisticated and more global players,” …. “but they have to embrace ‘possibility thinking’ versus ‘incremental thinking.’”

What’s that mean?… Canadians trying to grow their businesses tend to think incrementally: How do I grow sales? How can I improve customer service? By contrast, entrepreneurs in emerging economies tend to embrace “possibility thinking”: “How can we do something completely different?  How can we turn service on its head?

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Canada Post is Losing Hundreds of Millions, Perhaps Billions – Big Opportunity for Marketers

Mail volume is down. Way down. In a nutshell if you’re a savvy digital advertiser what this means is you have an opportunity now to take your successful online promotions and run them offline using direct mail.  (Even better? Run a combined campaign that uses direct mail and drives people online to capture the lead.) People’s inboxes are less cluttered than ever and we’re getting more and more tired of email. That spells opportunity for marketers not afraid to go back to an old media that is still producing high returns for those who know how to use it.

(Related side note: we just switched insurance companies because of a really well designed direct mail sequence of three letters that was sent to us right at the moment we were having problems with our existing insurance company due to lack of timely service.)

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Search Engine Land Article Covers New Google Adwords Ad Serving Method

Bid Like a Pro: Strategies for Success with AdWords Enhanced Campaigns

If you haven’t yet heard about Google’s latest upgrade to Google Adwords and you advertise using the platform, then you’d better take note. It’s quite a game changer.

You can now easily target by or screen out people your ads are shown to based on device, time of day, gender, age range, interests, affinity and more. And that’s just the start. The following white paper provides more insight into the new feature set.

Full article here: and see this related blog post (perhaps a bit of an easier read)

How One Company Added 14,000 Email Subscribers in One Week

Is your site mobile friendly yet? If not you could be losing out big time! New stats and facts on the mobile industry.

Should You Start a Magazine?

In 30 Days My Startup Will be Dead

Covers the mishaps a startup entrepreneur experienced over the past year. Quick rise, quick fall, interesting read, good lessons.

Make Your Website Work Across Multiple Devices

Remarketing for Search Ads

Really cool new feature in the works for pay-per-click advertisers.

Remarketing / Retargeting company to check out

An Idea for Non Technical Startup Founders

This is an excellent read for anyone without programming skills who’s thinking about starting a company.

From Google: Living in a Multi-Screen World