Steve Jobs Death: RIP

Steve Jobs, legendary founder of Apple Computers passed away today.

If you missed Apple’s homage to him, here’s what their home page looked like moments ago:

steve jobs rip

I’m not one to spend a ton of time mourning for the dead (with the exception of loved ones and family) but I have to say it’s a sad day.

Jobs was and will remain a legend in not only the technology industry but world wide due to his powerful life story and of course the company he built that has impacted soo many of our lives.

Personally I only started using Apple products again this year after many, many years of being away from the fold. I’m hooked again. Despite not being engaged with its products for years, it has been impossible not to follow Apple’s rise and Job’s triumph of taking Apple from the brink to a dominant world player.

R.I.P Steve.