What’s New? Fire! Evacuate!

Well it’s June 5th 2013, the sun is out, and it’s been a while since my last post.

Seeing as how I just had to evacuate my building, I thought it would be a great time to post an update!

With any luck the building won’t burn down but two fire trucks out front and our concierge pushing us (over the speaker system) to flee the building motivated me to jump ship.

So here I sit, cappuccino in hand. Looking back at the first part of the year, it was a busy one so far.

Here’s a snapshot of what I got up to in no particular order:

  • Went to Belize, saw a shark
  • Took Perry Marshall and Mike Rhodes Google Display Network Bootcamp, learned a ton
  • Google released Enhanced Campaigns, foiled my attempts to segment by device type
  • Went to Scottsdale, went skeet shooting…and dune buggying
  • Finalized a project for a client to setup marketing automation and lead nurture system extraordinaire, InfusionSoft
  • Shot my first snowboarding mini movie using the GoPro Hero 3, felt like a Hero for a day
  • Re-tore my MCL, started physio
  • Bought a new domain name, started working on a rel-launch of my business

And I could go on but that would be boring right?

Marketing sin #1: being boring, so I’ll stop with the bullet points.

2013 is looking up. Businesses continue to accelerate their online advertising spend and things continue to get more interesting with mobile, social, and now we’re hearing more and more about “wearable” media.

I’ve come across too many interesting links lately to post them all so here are a couple of my recent favorites:

  1. Mary Meeker’s latest tech trends presentation.
  2. The Start Up of You slideshow from Reid Hoffman, Linkedin’s Billionaire founder.
  3. Ben Ogle’s post on startup advice for non-technical founders
That’s it for now. The firetrucks have left. My cappuccino is done. I’m outta here!

- Adam